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TestVid clips offer manufacturers high quality media designed to stress critical aspects of encoder and decoder products. These are fully licensed audio and video clips available to ship with your product, to perform in-house quality assurance, or for use in facility integration and commissioning.


Application - Manufacturers

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TestVid clips represent the highest quality guaranteed licensed video clips available to manufacturers for product demonstration, or as test source to ship with equipment.

Now your company can provide licensed clips to demonstrate or confirm your product's functionality directly with the product, so the end user has a seamless experience calibrating and integrating the product into their workflow.



These video clips are not standard stock footage, but were filmed, edited and documented for the purpose of testing video encoders. They are designed to stress video encoders in many ways, by providing a wide range of subjects, including 'difficult' video such as fast movement, reflection, lots of detail, nighttime highlights, hand held camera, varying focus, and varying contrast. As well, TestVid clips have been created with audio, an important component to test any workflow that requires synchronized audio to neither advance or recede against the time code.



With the purchase of a suite of clips, the user may include any re-encoded (i.e. compressed, graded, transcoded etc.) material without additional expense. Where an original uncompressed full quality clip would be useful, TestVids is open to discussing licensing for a single clip, or a select range of clips for distribution, either on a per-shipment basis or as a site license.