Export and convertTestVid Reactor converts your TestVid audio and video from the fully uncompressed raw native format to various high quality industry standard file formats.  All conversions are done at high bit rate in YCbCr color space to avoid any unnecessary degradation in quality.  Output formats from 10 bit YCbCr MOV and DPX, 8 bit YCbCr AVI, MXF AVCi 100*, V210/YUV sequences are losslessly converted.  Broadcast formats like MXF DNxHD*, XDCam, DVCPro and MOV ProRes are also supported for convenience.  Markers, blips/tones, time code, frame markers and cropping can also be added to the conversions.

* (optional during limited time offer)

TestVid Reactor 

TestVid Reactor is a high precision conversion tool for converting TestVid sequences and test patterns to industry standard file formats, while maintaining the highest possible quality in the target format. Select a drive, and all the TestVid clips on that drive are immediately loaded for selection, each with its clip information and a picon for quick identification. Set the file type and location along with any processing, and begin the transcode.

testvid reactor


TestVid Reactor finds any TestVid clips on a selected drive, and displays them in a scrollable list for selection. A picon and clip information help you quickly identify and select a clip.

Similarly, scroll through available file types to set the type of file you are going to create. And use the same intuitive point and click strategy to set the location you want to save the clip into.

There are checkboxes to add processing to the converted clips. You can add bars plus tone or black plus silence sync frames at one second intervals,  add time code and replace the audio with specific test tones or channel IDs. Use the pulldown menu to set any cropping.

The frame rate may also be adjusted in the test pattern files.


  • Any 2D or 3D TestVid clips
  • TestVid test pattern set
  • TestVid audio test set

Target Types

8 bit uncompressed YCbCr 10 bit uncompressed YCbCr

10 bit uncompressed YCbCr

8 bit uncompressed YCbCr 8 bit RGB per component (32 bit total) 8 bit RGB per component (32 bit total) 10 bit uncompressed YCbCr stills 8 bit uncompressed YCbCr stills
    8 bit uncompressed YCbCr Sony XDCam 50 MBit        
      DNxHD* 220 8 bit        
      DNxHD* 220 10 bit        

Target Directory

Any directory accessible by the system

Conversion Options

Crop to lower resolution

Add bars plus tone sync frames every second

Add black plus silence sync frames every second

Add time code burn in

Frame rate (for test images only)

Change audio to (for test images only)

  • standard tones
  • calibrated db tones
  • calibrated 1194/EBU.128 tones
  • channel IDs


Other TestVid Tools

Command Line Tools

  • yuvmake1088 (and yuvmake1088hr): add extra lines at the top/bottom of a 1920x1080 YUV file to make it 1920x1088
  • yuvcropsize (and yuvcropsizehr): reduce size of video by removing lines from the top and/or columns from the right of each video frame: allows virtually any reduced size video to be made from the video files provided
  • yuvletterbox: add black bars top & bottom (or left & right) on the supplied video sequences, to make letterboxed (or pillarboxed) video
  • yuvfieldcombine: combine interlaced fields which are stored in alternating format (bottom field followed by top field, each half-height) into frames where alternate lines contain alternate fields