TestVID Reactor

Export and convertTestVid Reactor converts your TestVid audio and video from the fully uncompressed raw native format to various high quality industry standard file formats.  All conversions are done at high bit rate in YCbCr color space to avoid any unnecessary degradation in quality.  Output formats from 10 bit YCbCr MOV and DPX, 8 bit YCbCr AVI, MXF AVCi 100*, V210/YUV sequences are losslessly converted.  Broadcast formats like MXF DNxHD*, XDCam, DVCPro and MOV ProRes are also supported for convenience.  Markers, blips/tones, time code, frame markers and cropping can also be added to the conversions.

* (optional during limited time offer)

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SD, HD, 2K, 4K, 8K SDI/HDMI Player

Pro Player 128
videoQC Pro Player is the most capable video player/analyzer/comparison software for Windows, macOS and Linux.  videoQC supports almost every broadcast, scientific and post production file format, and can load one or two files for visual comparison.  videoQC can also support HD-SDI and HDMI output via your AJA, BlueFish444 or Blackmagic video boards.  videoQC supports zoom and pan, loudness and RMS meters, waveform, vectorscope, chromaticity, histogram, audio phase/wave/vector, and full 608/708/OP-47 closed caption decode and display. For full reference tests, 39 visual comparison modes are supported including seamless split, mirror, side by side, difference and A-B thresholding.  Files can also be analyzed for single ended audio/video, or for full reference using PSNR, SSIM or MS-SSIM.  These tables can be charted for quick seek access to the video file and exported as high resolution or proxy MP4 files along with CSV, XML, PDF or HTML reports.  The HTML can include the charts, tables and proxy files for online checking of both single and full reference files.

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