Visual Video Quality Media

VVQ 128
Visual Video Quality Test Source.  The revision 3 VVQ test media includes multiple tests allowing for signal path confidence without extra equipment.  With standard test patterns for video color, video range and video audio sync, as well as advanced moving patterns, subtle detection tests and compression specific tests, this VVQ is truly an all in one pattern.  It is available in every standard format from SD (PAL/NTSC) through HD (720/1080i/p), 2K DCI and 4K/QuadHD.  Each VVQ is personalized for each customer, and makes a perfect codec, workflow, transmission path and pre clip check/count down.  The revision 3 VVQ pattern is available for unlimited use for your entire facility, just like all TestVid media.  Custom sizes and frame rates are also available at an added cost.



Playback smoothness

Multiple smoothly moving elements make playback smoothness easy to confirm.  Moving zone plate. plunger, and dual cyclone blocks


Display gamma detection

A standard gamma display strip.


Field position inversion block

Field inversion can be detected by the 45 degree slope and the dual field blocks.  Using the field blocks, it is also possible to detect which field was the source field for the copy.


Field time inversion sweep

A field based block, when testing interlaced signal formats, sweeps smoothly from right to left.  Any time inversion in the fields with cause it to jump left and right out of sequence, making the problem obvious.


Dual lip sync tests

Both traditional lip sync tests are here including the BBC style plunger, and the more common block sweep.  In interlaced formats, both are moved per field for maximum accuracy.


Audio channel test

Audio channel identifiers and sync blips are included, along with visual indicators of level and position.


Decimation detection

The moving zone plate luma and chroma windows can be used to detect 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 decimation of the luma or chroma channels.  Extra moving circles in the corners indicate the video was, as some point, encoded as 4:2:0


Bit depth reduction

The included ultra smooth gradient can be use to detect bit depth reduction.  This includes the common 10 to 8 bit in software processing, but also the more subtle bit depth reduction associated with some codecs.


Standard SMPTE 303M/MacBeth chart

A standard MacBeth style chart


Standard Waveform/Vectorscope

Standard 100% bars, 75% bars, chroma ramps, luma ramps, luma step and multi burst are included in the VVQ pattern to allow traditional tools to be used as well as eye/ear only problem detection.