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Test how an encoder handles stereoscopic 3D video, with all aspects of global and local motion, slow/medium/fast motion, with panning, scrolling, zooming, smooth and erratic, high/low contrast, with limited colors/vivid colors and many common subject types, plus different aspects of 3D (different negative & positive disparity, color & luma differences). Also tests how a decoder deals with 'difficult' encoded video . Scenes from USA West (San Francisco and Las Vegas) and Europe (UK) at various frame rates



2D/3D 3D Stereoscopic, Left and Right separate video streams
Description Scenes from USA West (San Francisco and Las Vegas) and Europe (UK) at various frame rates
Purpose Test how an encoder handles stereoscopic 3D video, with all aspects of global and local motion, slow/medium/fast motion, with panning, scrolling, zooming, smooth and erratic, high/low contrast, with limited colors/vivid colors and many common subject types, plus different aspects of 3D (different negative & positive disparity, color & luma differences). Also tests how a decoder deals with 'difficult' encoded video.
Video Format

YUV Planar



1080p stereo

1920x1080, 29.97fps


8-bits per sample



1080p stereo

1920x1080, 23.976fps


8-bits per sample



720p stereo

1280x720, 59.94fps


8-bits per sample



Audio Format

MPEG-1 Layer II stereo 384kbps CBR 16-bit 48kHz and

WAV linear PCM uncompressed stereo 1536kbps 48kHz
Number of Clips 138 Left/Right pairs of individual video clips (69 pairs of sequences at 1920x1080 progressive 30 fps; 35 pairs at 1920x1080 progressive 24 fps; 34 pairs at 1280x720 progressive 60 fps)
Length of Video Total of 1 hour 16 minutes of paired Left/Right video (approx. 19 minutes at each resolution)
Size on Disk 640 GBytes



Why Choose TVids?

TVids were designed both for encoder users (broadcasters, post production, streaming) and for encoder developers, to provide full test coverage of just about any type of video feature that an encoder is likely to encounter, in sequences which you can freely use for demos, trade shows, and on your website.

Every TVid source was captured specifically to cover specific video situations that encoders will encounter.  These situations were then codified in the manual and spreadsheet for each source.  Both content (animals, people, buildings) and challenges (angles, banding, focus, panning, patterns) are listed for easy searching when detecting problems, or finding clips to challenge particular parts of the encoder.

All TVids were captured at the highest possible resolution, bit depth and frame rate.  Lower resolution and frame rate versions were carefully created from the higher frame rate and resolution, providing the best possible quality.  This also means the same tests can be made against equipment and software running at different frame rates and sizes (e.g. 1080, 720 and SD).

TVids provide the most complete suite of test video, that are uncompressed, high bit depth, high frame rate and well documented in the industry.  TVids also provide a liberal multiple use in house and full use of exported/converted video and audio, with no worry about media and display rights internationally.

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TestVid Reactor

TestVid Reactor is a dedicated tool that supports lossless conversion to uncompressed types and high quality conversion to compressed formats.  Direct high bit depth YCbCr conversion from the original material to MOV, AVI, YUV, V210, DPX or MXF means every possible bit is preserved in a perfectly compatible format. Compressed outputs like XDCam, AVCi (optional), ProRes and DNxHD (optional) are also available for maximum display compatibility.  Selectable timecode burn in and audio/video frame sync pulses adds further flexibility to the test media and test pattern output.

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TestVid Extras

Test Pattern Set - All TestVid test media packages include TestVid's Test Pattern set.  The test pattern set includes over 100 test patterns for each video standard, including 4K, 2K, HD 1080, 720, SD PAL and SD NTSC.  Audio files with calibrated Peak/RMS, EBU.128/1195 loudness, channel IDs and standard waveforms are also included.  All patterns are 10 bit YCbCr frames, and up to 24 bit audio at 48000 Hz.  

Test Pattern File Generator - Included with the test pattern source files is the TVid Test Pattern File Generator.  This software allows the single frame patterns and audio to be combined into MXF, MOV, AVI and other standard files for use in testing, editing and calibration.  The pattern files are also fully compatible with the included TestVid Pro Player for immediate HDMI, HD-SDI or DVI output, and TestVid Reactor for conversion to AVI, MOV, DPX, YUV, and MXF. This pattern system is also available separately for 99$ USD.


Clip IDTitleMain PurposeDurationBeginEnd

1080p30 sequences Numbers T3D0230nn



Straightforward codec efficiency test in reasonably complex scene





Codec stress test with lots of moire fringing and irregular movement, with strong 3D depth and 2D depth cues





Complex scene with 3D depth clearly changing as people walk towards camera





Nightmare test for an MVC type differential 3D encoder with continual left-right movement, variable scales left-right on zoom and fine lines (making motion vector tracking hard); NOTE overstrong 3D when zoomed





Codec stress test with many similar small areas





3D depth perception test with many similar objects (boat masts) at various depths





Codec efficiency test with continual random global movement and rotation





Codec banding test with large monochromatic areas





Static global scene with motion vector tracking efficiency and global zoom





Rapid motion vector tracking stress test





Codec efficiency test with animal fur and water





Simple codec test with tracked subjects (people) changing in size substantially





Efficiency test with slow/limited movement but complex scene





3D depth perception test in a high-contrast but generally dark scene, with high grain





Codec efficiency test with medium speed pan and complex scene





Gradual global change of view, testing codec response to distortion of view





Depth perception where lens and atmospheric distortions cause some differences left to right





Codec stress and efficiency test where scene changes from simple to complex via a zoom out





Complex scene with good test of motion vector tracking of many objects (cars) moving in different directions





Difficult codec stress test with innumerable almost identical object (leaves) with random and relatively rapid global motion





MVC-type codec stress test where there are some significant differences left-right due to light flares and color differences





Codec test with focus differences left-right





Rapid pan test with initially complex scene then blurred display then fine lines





Codec test with slow scroll up/down and banding test with monochromatic background; plus substantial color and brightness differences left-right





Stress test with rapid right-wards pan





Codec stress and 3D stress test with rapid pan and rapid change in depth





MVC-type codec efficiency test with small differences left-right





3D perception affect with subjects too close





Simple codec efficiency test with high detail but also large monochromatic area





Codec efficiency and stress test in complex scene with global motion





Difficult codec stress test with many very similar objects (leaves) with some bright and dark areas





Codec stress test with many similar patterns, so macroblock/motion vector errors should be easily spotted





Codec test with objects increasing in size rapidly





3D perception when I/O is too large for some subjects as they approach the camera





Difficult 3D perception and codec test where much of background is similar (sky) and subject (bridge) is very dark


720p60 sequences Numbers T3D0233nn


1080p30 sequences Numbers T3D0231nn

T3D023301; T3D023101 Silver_dome General 3D view of complex scene, static background 00:39:56  3D023301 start  3D023301 end

T3D023302; T3D023102


3D view with detailed background and short duration peak negative disparity


 3D023302 start  3D023302 end
T3D023303; T3D023103 Ice_cream_van 3D effect with global motion and transitory large negative disparity 00:36:32  3D023303 start  3D023303 end
T3D023304; T3D023104 Cafe_by_docks Depth perception with multiple curved shiny objects (metal chairs) 00:34:06  3D023304 start  3D023304 end
T3D023305; T3D023105 Ferry_arrives Low depth subject and background but depth perception on water 00:33:02  3D023305 start  3D023305 end
T3D023306; T3D023106 Big_Ben Multiple crossing movement close to camera with detailed objects a long way away 00:26:48  3D023306 start  3D023306 end
T3D023307; T3D023107 Suspension_br Initially mild 3D effect of man-made structures changes to much stronger 3D effect of trees, with fade/transition 00:37:43  3D023307 start  3D023307 end
T3D023308; T3D023108 Traffic_twds 3D perception of objects rapidly approaching the cameras, passing close 00:36:42  3D023308 start  3D023308 end
T3D023309; T3D023109 Cabot_Tower Effect on 3D perception with ransom movement (including rotation), irregular foreground (grass), man-made structure and largely monochrome blue sky 00:51:10  3D023309 start  3D023309 end
T3D023310; T3D023110 Shopping_mall 3D effect starts strongly, becomes much milder with detailed and contrasting scene, ending more strongly also 00:41:29  3D023310 start  3D023310 end
T3D023311; T3D023111 Train_comes_n_goes  3D perception with fade/transition and short zoom 00:34:48  3D023311 start  3D023311 end
T3D023312; T3D023112 Pool_shark 'Codec and 3D perception nightmare', where motion vector tracking is not possible and it is impossible to judge the depth of the majority of the scene and objects seem to be floating (which of course they are) 00:28:42  3D023312 start  3D023312 end
T3D023313; T3D023113 Centre_fast Effect on 3D perception of very rapid movement causing motion blur 00:12:19  3D023313 start  3D023313 end
T3D023314; T3D023114 Soccer Effect on 3D perception with evident differences caused by lens differences 00:24:53  3D023314 start  3D023314 end
T3D023315; T3D023115 Blaise_woods Random movement (including rotation) where most of the scene looks very similar; global motion but little subject motion 00:41:43  3D023315 start  3D023315 end
T3D023316; T3D023116 Duck_truck 3D perception with noticable color differences 00:38:06  3D023316 start  3D023316 end
T3D023317; T3D023117 St_Pauls Perception where object with strong 3D effect is very close to the cameras and leads into the scene 00:23:58  3D023317 start  3D023317 end
T3D023318; T3D023118 Waterfall Largely static shot but sunlit waterfall causes different views in left & right 00:45:01  3D023318 start  3D023318 end
T3D023319; T3D023119 Portents Mild 3D effect but clearly distanced layers of elements (the 'tents') 00:22:57  3D023319 start  3D023319 end
T3D023320; T3D023120 Street_performer Perception of 3D when there are significant window violations at both sides 00:36:03  3D023320 start  3D023320 end
T3D023321; T3D023121 Footbridge Perception of 3D when the moving subjects (the people) are substantially obscured 00:55:33  3D023321 start  3D023321 end

T3D023322; T3D023122

Fountains 3D perception with smoothly changing angle 01:13:00  3D023322 start  3D023322 end
T3D023323; T3D023123 Mall_at_night 3D perception where subjects are dark and edges not easily distinguishable from the background for much of the time 00:44:39  3D023323 start  3D023323 end
T3D023324; T3D023124 Musical_reflections Effect on 3D when much of the scene is either at different angles or distorted geometry or both 00:35:41  3D023324 start  3D023324 end
T3D023325; T3D023125 Suspension_br_zoom Example of problems with zooming when using 'identical' lenses 00:21:46  3D023325 start  3D023325 end
T3D023326; T3D023126 Garden General 3D view with substantial detail and movement (including rotation) 00:19:46  3D023326 start  3D023326 end
T3D023327; T3D023127


Illustration of issues when interocular far too wide for subject distance (i.e. people walking past too close to camera, although the balloons are OK to view 00:15:12  3D023327 start  3D023327 end
T3D023328; T3D023128 The Matthew General 3D view of complex scene with smooth scrolling and panning 00:43:49  3D023328 start  3D023328 end
T3D023329; T3D023129 Falafel_King Complex scene where camera movement is random and jerky, and objects are distances from very close to the camera to far away 00:16:21  3D023329 start  3D023329 end
T3D023330; T3D023130 String_quartet Medium 3D effect but hand-held camera movement 00:27:02  3D023330 start  3D023330 end
T3D023331; T3D023131 Number_7_boat Very mild 3D effect 00:19:32  3D023331 start  3D023331 end
T3D023332; T3D023132 Night_cars 3D effect with substantial lens flare and high contrast plus fast approach to/going away from cameras 00:33:12  3D023332 start  3D023332 end
T3D023333; T3D023133 Follow_that_ship General 3D view with hand-held camera and complex scene 00:13:13  3D023333 start  3D023333 end
T3D023334; T3D023134 Roundabout Generally medium 3D but effect of transitory excessive negative disparity 00:50:39  3D023334 start  3D023334 end
1080p24 sequences         Numbers T3D0232nn
T3D023201 Cable_car_turn Excessive I/O, with people close to the camera and the cable car and background in excess positive depth 00:40:22  T3D023201 start  T3D023201 end
T3D023202 Travelator Codec efficiency with global movement in and circular objects 01:27:06  T3D023202 start  T3D023202 end
T3D023203 Strolling Easy to determine 3D depth as people walk to/from the camera 00:42:02  T3D023203 start  T3D023203 end
T3D023204 Fountain 3D impossible to discern due to light reflections on the water being different left-to-right (although background 3D is clear) 00:19:01  T3D023204 start  T3D023204 end
T3D023205 Pier39_lions Good 3D effect and motion vector tracking as boat passes behind poles 00:34:20  T3D023205 start  T3D023205 end
T3D023206 Tropicana_double Motion vector test with speeded-up motion and 3D test with zooms (and variances left-to-right) 00:41:17  T3D023206 start  T3D023206 end
T3D023207 NYNY Complex scene with many fine details, to test motion vector tracking 00:25:01  T3D023207 start  T3D023207 end
T3D023208 Monorail Test of 3D zoom in with varying geometry of nominally identical lenses 00:33:06  T3D023208 start  T3D023208 end
T3D023209 Neon_night 3D test with high contrast and varying focus left-to-right 00:47:13  T3D023209 start  T3D023209 end
T3D023210 City_Hall 3D depth perception dith blurred scene due to rapid movement 00:19:18  T3D023210 start  T3D023210 end
T3D023211 Japanese_garden Difficult codec test with many areas similar with great detail and rapid ransom global motion 00:23:21  T3D023211 start  T3D023211 end
T3D023212 SF_trip High contrast scene with sunlight and shade 00:18:06  T3D023212 start  T3D023212 end
T3D023213 Forbes_Island Mild 3D with monochromatic sky 00:18:16  T3D023213 start  T3D023213 end
T3D023214 Boat_masts 3D depth is excessive in the distance and perception difficult in complex scene of boat masts 00:55:14  T3D023214 start  T3D023214 end
T3D023215 People_passing High negative depth to test viewer discomfort 00:15:03  T3D023215 start  T3D023215 end
T3D023216 Real_Thing Smooth pan test of codec motion vectors 00:43:21  T3D023216 start  T3D023216 end
T3D023217 Paris_night 3D and codec test during dark picture with grain 00:55:15  T3D023217 start  T3D023217 end
T3D023218 Roller_coaster 3D test with rapid global motion 00:29:00  T3D023218 start  T3D023218 end
T3D023219 MGM Codec efficiency test with large monochromatic areas 00:16:18  T3D023219 start  T3D023219 end
T3D023220 Golden_Gate 3D effect on zoom in where 3D effect varies from mild to excessive 00:32:17  T3D023220 start  T3D023220 end
T3D023221 Footbridge Excessive I/O where people near to camera have excess negative disparity and background building excess positive disparity 00:27:03  T3D023221 start  T3D023221 end
T3D023222 Golden_sunset 3D effect in dark and grainy image 00:16:01  T3D023222 start  T3D023222 end
T3D023223 The_Strip 3D test with multiple transitions and zoom in 00:27:11  T3D023223 start  T3D023223 end
T3D023224 Down_n_up Motion vector tracking with smooth global motion, plus 3D effect during transition 00:20:23  T3D023224 start  T3D023224 end
T3D023225 Roadside_trees Good clear 3D depth but also random rotational global motion 00:34:21  T3D023225 start  T3D023225 end
T3D023226 Venetian_crossing Good example of depth changing as people walk towards camera 00:48:11  T3D023226 start  T3D023226 end
T3D023227 Rigging_palms Complex scene with excessive I/O and flare in one view only affecting 3D 00:45:12  T3D023227 start  T3D023227 end
T3D023228 Seagull Difficult motion vector tracking with rapid random rotation and excessive depth at the end 00:34:12  T3D023228 start  T3D023228 end
T3D023229 Cloud_Liberty Test with large grey areas and fine details 00:26:23  T3D023229 start  T3D023229 end
T3D023230 High_offices Rapid global motion in highly patterned scene with depths increasing to the top of buildings 00:17:19  T3D023230 start  T3D023230 end
T3D023231 Embarcadero 3D example with 'good' depth in and out but clear color differences left-to-right 00:26:04  T3D023231 start  T3D023231 end
T3D023232 Arts_palace A night-time scene extremely difficult for a 3D codec 00:13:01  T3D023232 start  T3D023232 end
T3D023233 Tree_alley Very difficult codec motion vector test with many similar areas and rapid rotational global motion 00:32:13  T3D023233 start  T3D023233 end
T3D023234 Pans_day Clear 3D, with lots of similar detail on the tower and fast motion 00:33:01  T3D023234 start  T3D023234 end
T3D023235 SF_harbour Codec efficiency and 3D perception during rapid global right-wards pan 00:32:09  T3D023235 start  T3D023235 end



T3D023 Demo Reel

(Note: Reduced resolution and compressed.  Original

supplied files are full resolution and uncompressed)


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