Test Patterns

Test Patterns 128
The TestVid Test Pattern set is a comprehensive set of 10 bit YCbCr video test patterns and multichannel audio tests for HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI or VGA. Each test image is exactly sized to a standard video size from NTSC/PAL to 4K and generated in true 10 bit YCbCr space for the most accurate possible output.


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Low Res Test Media

Test Media
Test how an encoder handles lower resolution video (D1PAL and below; web-sized), in all aspects of global and local motion, slow/medium/fast motion, with panning, scrolling, zooming, smooth and erratic, high/low contrast, with limited colors/vivid colors and many common subject types. Scenes from Europe (London, Barcelona, Bruges, Munich) and USA (New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas).


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