TestVid Pixel Formats

Technical 128
All TestVid streams start as fully uncompressed YCbCr (YUV) images.  These streams are available as 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 video using anywhere from 8 to 12 bits per component (12 to 24 bits per pixel).  This article describes the pixel layout for the TestVid streams, which will allow you to write your own readers, if necessary.  The pixel type is available in the DHDR files included with your Tvids.  Standard UYUV, V210, yuv2 and other uncompressed formats are also available via the included translation software.

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DT3D File Format

Technical 128
The DT3D file format is an XML file that describes the video and audio channels that go together to create a 3D or stereo file set.  Normally this includes the left and right eye video streams as well as audio streams.

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DHDR File Format

Technical 128
The DHDR file format is an extension of the HDR file format, used to describe streams of uncompressed (and CBR compressed) images in a single file.  This article describes the layout and available options of this file format.

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