Codec Developers

Applications 128
TestVid clips are ideal for use when developing or optimizing a video codec as used in a semiconductor, software encoder, set-top box, video camera, multimedia device, broadcast hardware encoder or any similar product. Test all aspects of codec response and behaviour with licensed high quality media.

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Applications 128TestVid clips provide a complete range of demanding stress tests for encoders, video servers, transcoders or other equipment, featuring SD, HD and 2K, all the way up to 4K, as well as various web, streaming, or other low resolution formats. Confirm the signal path and test/evaluate new or upgraded software or devices. Fully searchable documentation makes it easy to target and test specific functionality.

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Trade Shows And Demos

Applications 128Integrators, resellers and manufacturers of display, decoder, encoder and transmission products can use TestVid clips to demonstrate their unique advantages and capabilities. Whether your solution or product utilizes web, NTSC/PAL, HD, 2K or even 4K in either 2D or 3D, we have a suite of the highest available quality clips perfect for your trade show or demo.

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Applications 128
TestVid clips offer manufacturers high quality media designed to stress critical aspects of encoder and decoder products. These are fully licensed audio and video clips available to ship with your product, to perform in-house quality assurance, or for use in facility integration and commissioning.

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